Concrete castings can be so much more than tubes and building materials. They can be used in many innovative methods that can transform design from the ground up. Thanks to the sturdiness of concrete, you can offer your clients true longevity with a superior finish that’s typically associated with wood or stone. We here at Cobro are the masters of concrete and know how to take your concrete needs to the next level.

Thanks to the power of castings, we can shape concrete into almost anything. While concrete can be brittle, it’s also a champion at standing up to high heat and a dream to work with, making it a great go-to option for many building projects.

Take Your Concrete Castings to the Next Level with Cobro

We know everything there is to know about heavy castings. Explore our blog for many more great ideas on how to use concrete to its fullest, or stay right here to learn all about these top concrete design ideas:

1. Cast Wood Designs for Long-Lasting Heavy Castings

Wood is a very popular building material, but it also requires a ton of upkeep to continue looking great, and even with that maintenance, it will eventually need to be replaced. Enter concrete. Castings can be made with a wood effect to transform posts and other structural elements into a “wood” alternative. The concrete then just needs to be finished off in a paint or stain to finish the effect properly.

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2. Mimic Stone with the Sturdiness of Concrete with Cobro

Another great material that you can copy with concrete castings is stone. A stunning stone wall takes a lot of money and time to put together. By faking it with a concrete casting, you can offer a budget-friendly alternative that’s faster to build and install, making it ideal for residential and commercial customers alike.

3. Solve Unique Problems with Unique Solutions

We offer a full range of products from culverts to barrier units all the way to retaining walls. Thanks to the power of castings, these products can be designed to suit specific situations, meaning you can solve issues from flooding to traffic management in a way that’s both effective and aesthetically pleasing.

For Quality You Can Trust- Get in Touch with Cobro

We offer high-quality concrete heavy castings to suit a range of situations, designs, and sites. Thanks to the power of castings, these products look great, are strong, and are ready to last. We use an oil-filled boiler that steam-cures the concrete solid so that you can rely on every design’s long-lasting performance.

To learn more about our products and just what we can do for you through the power of castings, get in touch with our team today.

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