Our Products

COBRO’s latest product line is a cost effective precast toilet system – COBROLOO.

CobroLoo – Total solution to Pit LatrinesIt is self-designed and manufactured, and intended to provide ablution facilities in rural areas, in keeping with the Government’s commitment to social upliftment in South Africa.

Pipes, Manholes & Culverts

Our product lines focus on the manufacture of SABS approved Concrete Pipes (ranging from 300-1500mm diameter) and Light to Heavy Duty Manhole Shaft Sections (750-1500mm diameter, in segments of 250-1000mm), in compliance with all Municipal requirements.

Also Culverts ranging from 600mm to 3000mm


Other products manufactured by COBRO include Surface Channels, New Jersey Barriers, Guard Rails, Septic Tanks, and a range of other Precast products.

All our products are steam cured through a fully automated, oil fired boiler, ensuring that optimum strength is achieved. These products serve the markets in KwaZulu-Natal and neighbouring provinces

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your pre-cast concrete needs.

Spigot & Socket Pipes

Spigot & Socket Pipes

Inserted Joint Pipes

Pipe Strength Testing

Median Safety Barrier

Catchpit Splay

Catchpit Central Cover


Cattle Grid

Concrete Step

Double-Sided New Jersey Barrier

Bulk Storage Retaining Unit

Manhole Shaft Rings

Concrete Mixing Setup

Rectangular Culvert