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Company Profile Cobro is a private company formed in 1984. Collectively, the executive Directors have over 70 years of experience in the industry, and expert knowledge regarding Production, Plant Manufacture Sales and Administration. We are wholly committed to Black Economic Empowerment and score in excess of 60% on the Broad Based Scorecard set out by the Department of Trade and Industry. All 120 employees are also `indirect shareholders`, participating in a productivity incentive bonus scheme based on quarterly profits. Location and Premises Our total premises, situated in Cato Ridge, extends to 15 hectares, with our factory alone comprising 4 hectares. We are fully fenced and serviced with 90% of our production area undercover. Our own workshop and entirely mechanised production systems allow for efficient output per man, with raw materials and labour being in close proximity. Products COBRO's latest product line is a cost effective precast toilet system - COBROLOO. It is self-designed and manufactured, and intended to provide ablution facilities in rural areas, in keeping with the Government's commitment to social upliftment in South Africa. Other product lines focus on the manufacture of SABS approved Concrete Pipes (ranging from 300-1500mm diameter) and Light to Heavy Duty Manhole Shaft Sections (750-1500mm diameter, in segments of 250-1000mm), in compliance with all Municipal requirements. Pipes Other products manufactured by COBRO include kerbing, Surface Channels, Guard Rails, Septic Tanks, and a range of other Precast products. All our products are steam cured through a fully automated, oil fired boiler, ensuring that optimum strength is achieved. These products serve the markets in KwaZulu-Natal and neighbouring provinces.
Concrete Mixing Setup Rectangular Culvert Pipes
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